Memories of the author's life in London

WITHIN POLLY GROSE'S living room fireplace packed with large specially bound scrapbooks are the crystals of her memoir. Pasted on those pages are the photographs, political clippings, and bits of letters and cultural programs that spark the memories of the authorís life in London and the segments of her childhood, marriages, raising three sons, and a career in theater and public affairs administration. Here is a story of a mid-life Minneapolis working woman who bids farewell to her family and friends to launch a new life in London. What possessed a firmly rooted community leader to take such a decision? Combine one part adventure, one part risk taking, one part anglophile, and several parts of falling in love with an Englishman to find the answer.

Publisher: Beaverís Pond Press, Edina MN

Price: $16.95 plus tax and postage.

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