The Story of Hannah Ingledew Janney 1725-1818

SET AGAINST THE BACKDROP of the eighteenth century frontier in the American colonies, Hannah is the story of one of the first women Quaker leaders who raised her family and led her community through the conflicts of a society bent on establishing its independence from England.

Leadership came naturally to Hannah, a Gift of God. His Light and love supported her; in return, her resolute faith and abiding commitment to His Ways became her strengths. Sharpened by the challenge of daily life during these years of Quaker political power and compromise, Hannah's independent spirit and courage brought vision and clarity to her community. The action takes place in Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and Loudoun County, Virginia.

Weaving through family letters, historical accounts, and minutes from various Quaker meetings, the author has found a story and inspiration from Hannah"s life. Here is a woman who combined the responsibilities of family life with a forthright ability to guide and shape a vigorous Quaker ministry. Her message is as clear today as it was two hundred years ago.

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Within the Quaker faith, women and men had equal opportunities for leadership.

On her death bed at aged 93, Hannah said "This has been a blessed morning, peace and glory appear to be shining around me...Mind that precious gift, be faithful to it and do not leave it."

Along the frontiers of the American colonies... leadership stemmed naturally from those with simple values and convictions. Quaker leadership called for additional ingredients, a quiet wisdom, resilient to contradictions of society, and fortitude to remain steadfast in its belief, and to make manifest God's gift of Light to all people.
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