1633-1697 Quaker Publisher of Truth

DISCOVERING HER QUAKER HERITAGE sparked the author's search for historical details and led to this story of her ancestor. What began as a family exercise to link her grandchildren to their English roots became a lively piece of history.

Thomas Janney was one of the first Quaker ministers, a Yeoman farmer in Cheshire, until he and his family accepted WIlliam Penn's offer and emigrated in 1683 to the new colony of Pennsylvania in America. After establishing the family plantation along the shores of the Delaware River, Thomas Janney became a Provincial Councilor and a Justice of Peace for Bucks County. However, his life as a Quaker minister was centered on publishing the truth,traveling to many communities up and down the East Coast and returning in 1695 to Cheshire.

Polly Grose has recreated her ancestor's life adding color and substance to the bare-bones of letters and epistles. The book contains copies of several letters, etchings, and photographs.

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Willaim Penn said to Indian Chief Taminend .... "I will consider you as the same flesh and blood as the Christians, not as children or as a chain of friendship to rust."

As "Publishers of Truth," Quaker ministers rode through the countryside spreading the Word.

After his death, Thomas was remembered as "preaching not only in words but in life and conversation...with the spirit of love, tenderness, and meekness, endeavoring to rectify what was wrong or out of order in any."
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